Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun kungfu/Jeetkunedo

A long way of creation. The story of establishment and development.


On January 26, 1999, Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun kungfu/Jeetkunedo was registered, which is the only officially registered All-Ukrainian Federation that develops Wingchun Kungfu in the country.
It was a precedent for all countries of the former USSR. Before that, there was no official organization developing the Wingchun system within the whole state. A similar organization in Russia appeared only four years later (April 16, 2002).

In February 1999, Georgii Kuzmin flies to Taiwan again, where he continues to train with teacher Lo Man Kam.

Shifu Lo Man-kam near the "Wooden Dummy 木人樁 " in his school.

Georgii Kuzmin in a Wingchun Kungfu gym in Lo Man Kams school.

A flight from Taiwan to Hong Kong. Training with the master Chu Shong-tin. Master Chu focuses on other aspects of the technique. You have to take into account the differences of teaching methods of each master in order not to miss the point. Master Chu provides a technique with an emphasis on the use of Qi, Jin and other "internal aspects." It seems that the external technique is paid less attention. But its not true. The inner fullness of the technical actions taught by Master Chu is amazing. You begin to doubt your physical strength and fitness. Technique demonstrations made by master Chu cause a silly perplexity smile on your face. This is shocking to many practitioners. Master Chu constantly reminds me to be completely relaxed, to stop focusing on the use of physical force. This does not mean that you have to be weak, you just need to use strength wisely, be able to dose it, and correctly place the accents.

A return trip home was supposed to be through Beijing (according to the purchased tickets). But in Beijing, Georgii Kuzmin received the news that Master Sum Nung (Cen Neng) has agreed to train Kuzmin. The return home is postponed, Kuzmin has to travel to the south of China, to Guangdong. It is impossible to refuse such an opportunity. It was decided that G. Kuzmin is leaving for Guangzhou. During his lifetime, Sum Nung (Cen Neng) was called "The Living Legend of the Wingchun System". Sum Nung (Cen Neng) began to study Wingchun Kungfu in 1938 and was a successor of Yuen Kay Shan (Te Cong's younger brother). All his life, Sum Nung worked as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He had an enormous prestige and respect not only among the Wingchun Kungfu practitioners, but among practitioners of other martial arts systems. A personal acquaintance with the master Sum Nung and training sessions with him made Kuzmin to look at Wingchun in a new way. These changes are in the quality and depth of knowledge. The basic technique of Yuen Kay Shan Wingchun style (Guangzhou Wingchun) was obtained, i.e. 12 forms, 13 basic principles, siulientao, qigong, theory, history of the style, genealogy and biographies of the masters. A visit to Foshan together with the master Sum Nung (Cen Neng). A visit to the restaurant, where Sum Nung first started practicing Wingchun Kungfu. Sum Nung invites to the meeting Cheung Chu - the son of his first teacher Cheung Bo.

At the beginning of May, Georgii Kuzmin comes again to master Sum Nung (Cen Neng), being invited to the master's birthday (among the several hundred guests, G. Kuzmin is the only European). He arrived in advance to practice Wingchun. Sum Nung (Cen Neng) held special classes for the arrived students.

At the end of May, a seminar in Krakow (Poland) by Didier Beddar - a personal student of William Cheung (Australia).

In June of the same year, Georgii Kuzmin attends again a seminar at Nick Smarts school. The second part of the seminar (combat technique) is held by Milan Prosenitsa.

On the way from England, in France, G. Kuzmin attends the Wingchun Kungfu Academy led by Didier Beddar.

Bolo Yeung  .
At the World Championship for Thai boxing and Kickboxing professionals, an acquintance with Bolo Yeung (Bolo Yeung 楊 斯). Bolo Yang is a well-known specialist in the world of martial arts and an actor who played in films with Bruce Lee. Bolo Yang is known for the films "Enter the Dragon" (with Bruce Lee), "Blood Sports" (with Jean-Claude Van Damme) and many others.

At the end of October - a trip to Hong Kong to the Fifth World Wushu Championship.

Athlete from Ukraine Shamil Mamedov became the World Champion in Sanda.

Training with Chu Shong-tin in the evenings.

Professor Hoang Vinh Giang and Tuan came to the World Wushu Championship. Every spare minute G. Kuzmin uses to study Vietnamese Wingchun from visiting specialists.

After the end of the World Wushu Championship, Georgii Kuzmin was invited to participate in the First World Ving Tsun Conference. It should be noted that Georgii Kuzmin was the only representative from all countries of the former USSR at this conference, and of all the former socialist countries only Janusz Szymankiewicz (Poland) and his assistant were present. The first part of the conference was held in Hong Kong.

Early in the morning, before the conference, G. Kuzmin and most of the Chu Shong-tins students gathered in the masters house and organized a visit to the tomb of Grandmaster Ip Man. A ritual of honoring the Master was performed at the tomb of the Grandmaster. Ip Mans tomb (you can watch the video by following the link).
At the First World Wingchun Kungfu Conference the issues of the development of the system were considered. In order to correctly develop the Wingchun Kungfu, each of the old recognized masters highlighted one of the sections of Wingchun:
  • Chu Shong-tin 1st form
  • Siu Yuk Men 2nd form
  • Ip Ching 3rd form
  • Ip Chun Wooden dummy
  • Francis Fong Butterfly swords
This was done to bring order in the interpretations of the technical actions of the Wingchun Kungfu system. At that time, due to the "young precocious masters" Wingchun Kungfu technique began to distort in the world. They began to twist the principles of the system and interpret them as they please.

The second part of the First World Ving Tsun Conference was held in the cities of Shunde and Foshan. All kinds of Chinese Wingchun were represented there. Probably, no one of the participants has ever seen such an abundance of techniques. Everyone was amazed with what theyve seen. The presidium consisted of the Wingchun Kungfu system legends: Sum Nung (Cen Neng), Ip Chun (the eldest son of Master Ip Man), Ip Ching (the younger son of Ip Man), Chu Shong-tin, Siu Yuk Men, Lun Gai and Kwok Fu (both are students of Ip Man, that remained in Foshan) and others.
One evening, during the Conference, Sum Nung (Cen Neng) gathers his students, Georgii Kuzmin is among them, in a restaurant in he began to study Wingchun Kungfu first teacher Cheung Bo in 1938. He also invited the son of Cheung Bo - a very humble and charming old man.

Lun Gai
An introductory seminar on the work with the "wooden dummy" was held for a small amount of people. The seminar was held by Lun Gai - Ip Mans student living in Foshan (China). The seminar was attended by the sons of Ip Man: Ip Chun and Ip Ching. The workshop made a strong impression on the participants.

You can read about the "First World Ving Tsun Conference" in the magazine "Dragon and Tiger" 1,2 2002, 1 2003.

Georgii Kuzmin with Master Ip Ching (the youngest son of Master Ip Man) - near the house of Master Leung Zhang (nicknamed "King of Wingchun").


May 17-30, a retreat on Tibetan medicine and Kunye Tibetan massage in Kunsangar. The retreat was conducted by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. Dr. Nida is a certified doctor of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, trained in the traditional program of the Four Tantras (rGyud bZhi). He practices Yuthok Nyingthig. The practice of Yuthok Nyingthig is the secret path of Tibetan medicine doctors, a tradition of the ancients, but relevant to modern people. During the retreat, the 1st level of mantra treatment and the 1st level of dream diagnosis in Traditional Tibetan Medicine were given.

A visit to master Sum Nung in June.
Traveling from Guangzhou to Hong Kong - classes with Chu Shong-tin.

In October 2000, the First 1-st Open Wingchun kungfu Chi Sao Competition were held in Foshan. Georgii Kuzmin was officially invited to these competitions. Once again, George Kuzmin is the only representative from all countries of the former USSR.

Of all the former socialist countries, there was only teacher Tran Hou Tuan (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) with two students, and Ivan Rzounek (President of the Czech Wingchun Kungfu Association) and his four students. Tran Hou Tuan is a student of Ngo Si Quy.
Master Sum Nung (Kuzmins teacher) is in the presidium of the competition. At that time Sum Nung (Cen Neng) was called The Living Legend of the Wingchun Kungfu. At these competitions, G. Kuzmin was officially given the rules for holding Wingchun Kungfu competitions and a commemorative medal, which was awarded to the winners of the First Wingchun Kungfu Competition. At this event, there were a lot of meetings with masters of various Wingchun Kungfu styles (all were located and ate in the same hotel), an exchange of techniques and opinions, sleepless nights and the practice of Chi Sao (as if there were too few daytime competitions!). Also, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.

Kwok Gai
Georgii Kuzmin gets acquainted with 90-year old Pao Fa Lien Wingchun master, teacher Kok Gai (In fact, nobody knows Kok Gais year of birth. Some claim that he was born in 1899. Master doesnt answer and just laughs meaningfully. He is a very modest person and he, sort of, has no official students). Communication with the master Kok Kai (you can watch the video by following the link).

Another joyful meeting with old acquaintances - representatives of the Pan Nam Wingchun style (master Pan Nams style).).
Meetings with the representatives of the Gulao Wingchun style..

Sheng Nung6
After the end of the competition G. Kuzmin again stays and trains master Sum Nung. Chinese television shoots a reportage for the sports chronicle about his training.

Georgii Kuzmin travel back to Hong Kong, where continues to train with master Chu Shong-tin.
On October 20, 2000, Georgii Kuzmin and Andrii Kuzmin, first of all the former USSR, became permanent members of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA). Certificates are presented by Siu Yuk Men, in the presence of Chu Shong-tin, Ip Ching and Lewis Luk. From Lewis Luk (Wong Shun Leung's personal student) Georgii Kuzmin continues to study the direction of Wong Shun Leung, hes getting explanations from Lewis Luk on the use of the Biu Jee and Chum Kiu forms. On October 25, in the headquarters of VTAA, Kuzmin makes a donation on behalf of the Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo for the creation of the Master Ip Man Museum (receipt from the Ip Man Museum Development Council No. 10224 on receiving money on October 25, 2000). Meeting with Siu Yuk Men, Ip Chun, and Ip Ching (sons of Ip Man); visiting training sessions of the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA); visiting the headquarters of Leung Ting; attending training sessions of the Hong Kong Federation of Jeet Kune-do; headquarters of the Hong Kong Jing Wu Association..

In the headquarters of the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA) G. Kuzmin and A. Kuzmin were given certificates of permanent members of the VTAA, a certificate stating that the Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo has made a donation to the construction of the Ip Man Museum. A special book was published. In addition, G. Kuzmin was given a DVD about the First World Conference dedicated to the official conference of the participants of the First World Wingchun Conference, where G. Kuzmin was photographed together with the Wingchun Kungfu masters and other participants.


May 12-17, Tibetan monks from the ancient Gyudmed monastery conducted a ritual of creating mandalas.

The team of the Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo arrived to Shaolin monastery to take part in the World Traditional Wushu Championship.

Kuzmin Andrii won the first place in the section "Nan Quan" - "Southern Fist". Before Andrii Kuzmin, no one from Ukraine has ever won prizes in Shaolin (1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th place), despite the fact that there were more than 100 participants in this section of the competition (as evidenced by a certified copy of the championships protocol).

In Shaolin Andrii Kuzmin and Georgii Kuzmin established friendly relations with representatives of the Nanyang Wingchun Kungfu direction from Singapore.


In Shaolin, an in-depth study of the monks lives continues, consultations on fighting techniques and qigong. Aspects of Buddhism are studied more deeply, in particular, the interrelation of martial arts, Buddhism and qigong. At the request of a small group of practitioners of martial arts and Buddhism, who had been ordained to Buddhist practice, abbot of the Shaolin Monastery Venerable Shi Suxi 释素喜 (1924-2006) gave instructions on some Buddhist practices.

The team of the Federation visited the cave of Damo (Bodhidharma), where the ritual "Foxiangkaiguang" had been performed.

Longmen Grottoes.
Photo of Andrey Kuzmin near the statue of Buddha Vairocana. Vairocana (also Mahavairocana) is a celestial buddha who is often interpreted, in texts like the Avatamsaka Sutra, as the dharmakaya of the historical Gautama Buddha. In the conception of the Five Tathagatas of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Vairocana is at the centre and is considered a Primordial Buddha. Of great importance in the understanding of Vairocana is the composition of the Mahavairochana-sutra. Vairocana is very closely connected with the Chinese school of philosophy Huayan. This school elaborated the concept of emptiness and interdependent origination. Since Vairocana is considered to be prior to the existence of all beings, he is also associated with emptiness. Vairochana also occupies an important place in the schools of Buddhism in Japan, in particular in the schools of Shingon and Kegon.

Baima Si (White Horse Temple) - the first Buddhist temple in China, built in 68 AD.

The Yonghe Temple , also known as the "Palace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple", the "Yonghe Lamasery", or - popularly - the "Lama Temple" is a temple and monastery of the Geluk School of Tibetan Buddhism located in the northeastern part of Beijing, China. It is one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world. The building and the artworks of the temple combine Han Chinese and Tibetan styles.

Read more in the magazine"Dragon & Tiger".

A trip from Shaolin to master Sum Nung (Cen Neng). Andrey Kuzmin was accepted as a personal student of the master. Master Sum Nung (Cen Neng) assigned him a Chinese name - Gu Zhenzhong, which is used inside the school and is displayed in the corresponding certificate with the personal signature of the master and the date of the assignment.

Unforgettable meetings with masters and practitioners of various Wingchun styles took place in Foshan.
In the Jing Wu Association, in the school of Wingchun master Pan Nam.

Visiting memorable places with Sifu Sum Nung (Cen Neng):
A restaurant, where Sum Nung (Cen Neng) first started practicing Wingchun Kungfu under the guidance of Cheung Bo and where he first met with Sifu Yuen Kay Shan.
Visiting a pharmacy and home of Leung Jan.

Visited the place where the houses of Ip Man, Te Cong and Yuen Kay Shan were located.

Visiting the Tsuimiao temple;

Visiting: the museum-exhibition dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the birth of one of the Ten Canton Tigers - Sifu Wong Fei-hung (The role of Wong Fei-hung is played by Li Lianjie in the film Once Upon a Time in China). Wong Fei-hung was a famous Hungar Kungfu master and a famous doctor;

a restaurant in which the whole clan of the Wingchun style gathered in Foshan at the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century, etc.

Andrey Kuzmin at the World Kick-Jitsu Championship.

Read more in the magazine Dragon and Tiger


January 3-21, retreat on Tibetan medicine and Kunye Tibetan massage in Kunsangar. The retreat was conducted by Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. Covered topics:
1-st and 2-nd Levels Mantra Healing in Tradition Tibetan Madicine
The 1st and the 2nd levels of Dream Diagnosis
1-st Level of tibetan Ku Nye Massage
Hong Kong. Training with Chu Shong-tin

China. Training with Sum Nung (Cen Neng)

September 25-29, a retreat by Dzogchen Teacher and Practitioner Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche.

Austin Goh is one of the first in London (in the mid-seventies) who began to teach Wingchun to Europeans. One of his main teachers was Li Shin, who was accredited by Ip Man to teach in Europe. Meetings with Austin Goh were very informative. Austin Goh agreed to provide information for the magazine "Dragon and Tiger".

(Read more in the magazine "Dragon and Tiger" 1 2003)

England. At the next meeting with Austin Goh, Georgii Kuzmin presented him with a magazine Dragon and Tiger 1/2003, containing an article about Austin Goh.

Victor Kan is one of Ip Mans disciples, in the Hong Kong Wingchun Clan he was called the King of Chi Sao. It is said that Victor Kan has practiced for 5-6 hours daily. Victor Kan is a very closed person and reluctantly established a contact. We found a common language. Victor Kan believes that in Europe almost no one teaches traditional Wingchun.

The 7th World Wushu Championship in Macau.

A travel from Macau to Guangdong, paying a visit to Sum Nungs family, training with Sum Nungs son.

A visit to the South Shaolin Monastery (not to be confused with the "Songshan Shaolin Si" monastery).

Foshan. Ip Man Museum. Bust of Ip Man and signs with sayings regarding the practice of the Wingchun Kungfu.

Foshan. Yip Man Museum. The hall with the photographs of Ip Man performing the "108 techniques on a wooden dummy".

Wong Fei-hung Museum.

A meeting with Sifu Feng (Pan Nams student).
Hong Kong, training with Chu Shong-tin.

Attending training in VTAA.


The 1st World Traditional Wushu Championships in Shaolin: Member of the Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo team - Igor Podlesny holds two prizes: a 2nd place in the Jian Shu (straight sword) and a 3rd place in the section "Qiang Shu" (spear).


On May 30, Dzogchen Teacher and Practitioner Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche gave instructions in Kyiv in the Central Artist Home (Budynok Khudozhnyka), and on June 1-12 the teachings continued in the Crimea (Ukrainian, Autonomous Republic of Crimea).

On August 2-3, Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa began to give The Teaching.

From mid-August to mid-September Georgii Kuzmin is in Moscow and constantly communicating with Huynh Ngoc An. He gives information about himself and his Wingchun Kungfu direction for the magazine "Dragon and Tiger".

September 1718, a retreat under the direction of the Dharma Master of the Karma-Kagyu School - Lama Phuntsok.

Zen Master (Chan Buddhism) Kaisen of the Soto school, taught zazen practice. Master Kaisen received the dedication from the hands of his teacher Taisen Deshimaru in 1979 and was born again as a Zen monk under the name Sando Kaisen: A solitary hermit deep in the mountains. After that, he fully devotes himself to Zen practice and the transmission of the zazen teachings, and at the same time projecting Zen teaching through the development of ikebana, calligraphy and bonsai in art. He has been practicing Chinese medicine for nearly 20 years and has been perfecting the art of Kungfu and ken-jutsu, without stopping to teach, right up to the moment when he realizee that silent sitting surpasses all practices, even brought to perfection. At this point, he completely stops to practice martial arts. Full of tremendous energy, he attracts more and more students who open dozens of dojos to practice zazen.


Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo becomes a collective member of the International Kungfu Federation (IKF).

July 1-7, participation in the 1st International Seminar on Chen Shi Taijiquan under the guidance of Han Kui Yuan, a master in the 19th generation. The seminars main focus was to improve the performance technique of the 71st form of Chen Shi Taijiquan (pao chui).

Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo team arrived in Shaolin at the World Wushu Championship.

A visit to the Great Wall of China.

Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo team arrived in Shaolin.

A visit to the Bodhidharma Cave.

At the Bodhidharma cave, Andrey Kuzmin conducted the practice of "Karma yoga". Karma Yoga shows the practitioner's attitude towards the Teaching and the Sangha. If a person is interested in strengthening the Sangha, it means that he is also interested in the development of the Teaching. This is very important, and therefore Teachers strongly recommend practicing Karma yoga. Karma yoga is also called "Everyday Ngöndro". As soon as we have completed the general Ngöndro, it is necessary for our practice to become sustainable. Karma yoga can be performed throughout life when there is an opportunity to benefit others, to do something good for them so that they feel happy.

Inside the Bodhidharma Cave, where Bodhidharma spent 9 years gazing the wall.

The team visits a Temple of the First Patriarch.

The team of the Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo visited the Shaolin Medical Institute to review the list of pharmacological agents and methods of medical and non-medical treatment of the sections: Treatment of wounds and bruises from blows and falls, Wounds from weapons, "Wounds from the Fire" and also became acquainted with the methods of treatment and rehabilitation with qigong and psycho-techniques.

A visit to the Taoist monastery Zhongyue. Got acquainted with the Taoist Master Yin Zhongshan. Master is almost 100 years old, but vigorous, optimistic, walks easily. He has a good memory and clear speech. All this suggests the idea of how effective the techniques used by the Oriental masters are. Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo team arrived in Chenjiagou place, where Chen Shi Taijiquan originated.
Team members visit the Chen Shi style Museum.
A visit to the house museum of Yang Luchan, the creator of Yan Shi Taijiquan style.
A visit to the clan cemetery of the Chen family, where all the great masters of the Chen Shi Taijiquan style rest.
Andrii Kuzmin and Nikolai Plyaskin were assigned to the Chen Shi Taijiquan Academy for an internship, which was created by master Chen Xiao Wang.
Their internship is paid for by the team's sponsor, Mostovoi Andrei.
Longmen Grottoes.

Guan Yu Temple. The team visited the temple complex of the legendary hero of ancient China - General Guan Yu. Guan Yu is the patron saint of martial arts in China and is considered the "God of War."

The team of the Ukrainian Federation of Wingchun Kungfu/Jeetkunedo arrives to the Wudang Mountains - the place where the Wudang Pai style originated. Team members visit Taoist monasteries and temples. The Wudang Mountains have 72 summits, on which a huge number of temples, idols and schools of Wudang Kungfu are located.

The team meets with Master Yuan Xiu Gang (15th generation of Wudang SanFeng Pai, Wudang inner Kungfu) in the Wudang Wushu Academy. Master introduces his martial art.

Andrey Kuzmin and Nikolai Plyaskin were assigned to train with master Yuan Xiu Gang in the Wudang Wushu Academy.

Their tarining is paid by the team's sponsor Andrei Mostovoi.

Georgii Kuzmin arrives in Guangdong. He meets with master Sum Nungs family. Training with the masters son, correcting and polishing of previously studied techniques of the Yuen Kay Shan direction of Wingchun, continuing to study the techniques according to the school program.
Another arrival at the South Shaolin monastery. It is this Shaolin that, according to legend, was visited by the nun Ng Mui, who was the founder of the Wingchun Kungfu system.
Return to Guangdong. Arriving in Foshan. Another visit to the master Ip Man Museum. Meetings and communication with the masters of Foshan Wingchun Kungfu.
Hong Kong. Training with Chu Shong-tin, a student of Master Ip Man. Visiting the Wingchun Kungfu Federation, created by Master Yip Man. Meeting with master Siu Yuk Men, a student of Ip Man.

Return to Guangzhou.
Georgii Kuzmin was invited by the President of the Sum Nung Wingchun Federation (Yuen Kay Shan or Guangzhou Wingchun) to the 17th anniversary of the creation of the Federation.
Georgii Kuzmin was invited by the masters wife for her birthday together with the old students of Sifu Sum Nung.

Andrey Kuzmin and Igor Podlesny arrive in Shanghai to visit the Qing Wu Association and to get acquainted with local wushu styles.

Andrey Kuzmin and Igor Podlesny attend the memorial and burial site of the legendary General Yue Fei. General Yue Fei was the creator of the styles: Chin Na(Qin Na) - the art of escaping joint lock techniques, the style of Ying Zhao Quan Eagle Claw, Xing Yi Quan - one of the internal styles. Marshal is also considered to be the first man to use such weapons in the army as: Tiger Claws and Wicker Shields. In addition, it is believed that the Ba Duan Jin Qigong complex - came through Marshal Yue Fei. There is a large number of schools practicing Chin Na, Eagle Claw and Xing Yi Quan in this region. Communication with practitioners of these styles gave a lot of useful information for a deeper understanding of the essence of the martial arts.
Andrey Kuzmin and Igor Podlesny arrive in Suzhou.

Andrey Kuzmin and Igor Podlesny come to the Wudang Wushu Academy to Master Yuan Xiu Gang (15th generation of Wudang SanFeng Pai, Wudang inner Kungfu) in the mountains of Wudang, China.

A visit to the Wudang Mountains - the place where the Wudang Pai style originated. Visiting Taoist monasteries and temples. The Wudang Mountains have 72 summits, on which a huge number of temples, idols and schools of Wudang Kungfu are located.

Visiting the Golden Summit located in the Wudang Mountains.

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